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The ReistosGlobal cloud computing concept with platform elements exploits the benefits from joint usage of advanced and sophisticated quantitative model resources.

We thereby address the need for steadily growing numbers of quantitative risk and steering tools in order to cope with the accruing challenges in global environment.

Our proprietary models capture important financial and economic risks.

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The MACROPILOT is a global scenario analysis and stress testing tool – primarily addressing stress testing needs in the financial sector, but also such of public and semi-public authorities or institutions, corporates, and real estate firms.

It helps you navigate through an economic environment characterized by increasing interconnectedness, disruptive developments and, in many respects, by exponentially accelerating speed.

The first question is: What makes you worry, what are severe global stress scenarios you could imagine to unfold in the next few years? And the second one: What might be the global and local consequences of a realization of such stress scenarios?

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