Draw on our high-end consulting and implementation resources, both applied and scientific, in the steps before and after model application – but also for output integration, for accomplishing steering tasks, and for a variety of other topics on the risk management and stress testing agenda.

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Obtain assistance and training for your experts in the correct, effective, and benefit-maximizing application of all ReistosGlobal tools.

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The REI (Risk Evaluation Intelligence) Hub is currently in its conceptual phase and will in the first round exclusively focus on stress testing.

It will comprise

  1. a stress testing forum / board which shall be accessible for logged-in clients: This forum / board shall conduce to the exchange of market perceptions and opinions on stress testing issues and shall foster stress testing related discussions in general. Communication can take place in closed groups (i.e. only visible for the involved discussants) or on an open basis (visible to other forum members as well). The forum / board will not be led or monitored by us, it rather shall provide clients with a secure quality-room for the profound exchange with other skilled professionals.
  2. aggregate input and output information on clients´ MACROPILOT simulations. This covers aggregate, anonymous information on all scenarios simulated by the pool of all clients over a specific time period plus aggregate, anonymous information on simulation output. Additional valuable material on stress testing will be provided alongside. All contents for this second part of the REI Hub will be elaborated and prepared by us.

    If you already have any feedback for us on the envisaged REI Hub design, we will be grateful to hear from you!