Challenges faced by the industry

  • Need for growing numbers + increasing sophistication of quantitative risk management and financial steering models
  • Costly + tedious to build in-house models for all relevant topics: Huge fixed costs, long-term projects
  • Maintenance and enhancement work: Resource-intense work continues also after model launch
  • For some risk topics and some risk parameters, it may also be difficult at a single-institution / single-firm level to accumulate sufficient in-house data or all-embracing expertise

Solutions offered by our cloud computing concept (with platform elements)

  • Advanced risk management and financial steering tools on a cloud computing / software as a service (SaaS) basis
  • Sequential build-up of a set of complementary quantitative models applicable for risk management, steering, and planning tasks
  • Models are offered on a modular basis (model by model), so that clients can pinpoint what they exactly need and can draw on only those resources most valuable for them; we start with the MACROPILOT, which – given its very nature as an advanced global economic and financial stress testing, scenario analysis, and forecasting tool – will also serve as a nexus and input for other applications
  • For models / client groups where data pooling is advantageous, interested client groups can draw on 
    • Data sharing possibilities within their group, tailored to clients´ needs + preferences
    • Privacy of each client´s data input is ensured by the fact that only ReistosGlobal has access to all the data sets of the contributing clients (for model building purposes); each client will have access only to its own data set
  • Furthermore, REI Hub (our Risk Evaluation Intelligence Hub) will provide clients with
    • Valuable aggregate input, output, and other information on model topics (prepared by our side)
    • An inter-client forum / board on stress testing to facilitate the exchange of expertise and opinions

If you have any questions, please contact us for further details.